Long Questions (Question 1)

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Long Questions (Question 1)

Question 1:
(a) Transformation T is a translation ( 4  2 ) and transformation P is an anticlockwise rotation of 90o about the centre (1, 0).
State the coordinates of the image of point (5, 1) under each of the following transformation:
(i) Translation T,
(ii) Rotation P,
(iii) Combined transformation T2.

(b) Diagram below shows three quadrilaterals, ABCD, EFGH and JKLM, drawn on a Cartesian plane.

(i) JKLM is the image of ABCD under the combined transformation VW.
Describe in full the transformation:
(a) W                                      (b) V
(ii) It is given that quadrilateral ABCD represents a region of area 18 m2.
Calculate the area, in m2, of the region represented by the shaded region.



W: A reflection in the line x = –2

V: An enlargement of scale factor 3 with centre (0, 4).

Area of EFGH = area of ABCD = 18 m2
Area of JKLM = (Scale factor)2 x Area of object
                             = 32 x area of EFGH
                             = 32 x 18
                             = 162 m2
Area of the shaded region
= Area of JKLM – area of EFGH
= 162 – 18
= 144 m2