3.2a Subsets

3.2a Subsets
1. If every element of a set A is also an element of a set B, then
    set A is called subset of set B.

2. The symbol  is used to denote ‘is a subset of’.
    Therefore, set A is a subset of set B. In set notation, it is written as     AB.

A = {11, 12, 13} and B = {10, 11, 12, 13, 14}
Every element of set A is an element of set B.
    Therefore  AB.

3.  AB can be illustrated using Venn diagram as below:

4. The symbol   is used to denote ‘is not a subset of’.

5. An empty set is a subset of any set.
    For example, A

6. A set is a subset of itself.
    For example,   BB  

7. The number of subsets for a set with n elements is 2n.
    For example, if A = {3, 7}
    So n = 2, then number of subsets of set A = 22 = 4
    All the subsets of set A are { }, {3}, {7} and {3, 7}.